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  • Advance® Breathable Pads (M Super)
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    Advance® Breathable Pads (M Super)


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    Advance® Breathable Pads provide an excellent solution for moderate to heavy incontinence.

    They are anatomically shaped for comfort and manufactured to stringent standards using high quality super absorbent polymers (SAP). The Advance® Breathable Pads are designed to keep the skin dry and maintain the skin integrity by providing fast and even absorption. The Velcro type side tapes can be re-adjusted as many times as required and placed on any part of the pad ensuring a secure fit.


    Pack Quantity:    18 pieces.

    Carton Quantity:  4 packs/72 pieces.  




    1. Unfold the pad and activate anti-leak guards by folding the pad along the wetness indicator line forming a U shape.
    2. Slide the back part of the pad between the legs, front to back. The edge of absorption part should be positioned just below hip-level. Eliminate any creases by smoothing the pad.
    3. Secure both lower tapes in position first to ensure snug fit around the legs. Then secure top tapes to create comfortable fit around the waist.
    4. Check the fit and make sure skin is not squeezed under elastic. Readjust if necessary.

    Key Features

    • Additional feel dry layer for comfort
    • Twin core technology for fast absorption
    • Double leg elastic for extra comfort and leakage protection
    • Acquisition distribution layer for a fast and even absorption
    • Breathable cloth-like quality materials for comfort
    • Re-adjustable Velcro side tapes
    • Easy to read wetness indicator as a reminder for replacement

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