Advance® Breathable Pull-up Briefs (S Super Plus)Advance

  • Advance® Breathable Pull-up Briefs (S Super Plus)
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    Advance® Breathable Pull-up Briefs (S Super Plus)


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    Advance® Breathable Pull-up Briefs are for users with light to moderate incontinence.

    They are easy to use, fully elasticated and anatomically designed for a comfortable fit, very similar to conventional briefs. Ideal for users with active lifestyles as they prolong independence and can be worn with confidence even for those who may experience occasional bowel incontinence.


    Pack Quantity:     18 pieces.

    Carton Quantity:  4 packs/72 pieces.  



    1. Pull up like regular underwear, the front has blue elastic at the waist
    2. To remove, tear the side seams or pull down
    3. Roll the brief and dispose responsibly


    Key Features

    • Fully elasticated and anatomically shaped briefs
    • 3D funnel acquisition layer for fast and even absorption
    • Double anti-leak cuffs for extra security and leakage protection
    • Breathable cloth-like materials ensure comfort and discretion
    • Easy to read wetness indicator changes colour as a reminder for replacement

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